Thursday, September 8, 2011

Where has all the time gone

I have not touched this blog for so long. But resolve to use it as a record of my ideas for next year and beyond. I have been so tied up with establishing a certain school garden that my own has become a little neglected. However, I am working my way around tidying, clearing, and moving plants about and having idea about where I am going next. Today I painted the rails of the bridge red. I just thought it might work with the chinese pagoda that sits at the end of pond under the tree fern. It is going to take more than one coat of paint and I had to fill a few cracks before starting but if it looks awful I can paint it some other colour.

This year the cardoon lost most of its leaves for an unknown reason though still produced lots of flower heads. I cleared the woody cistus that was planted next to it and put in the 50 gladioli that I had for a certain birthday last year. looking good coming up through giant cosmos. Cosmos however not flowering much whether because it is self seeded from the other garden or for some other reason.

Hot Bed

Cerise dahlia to be moved out in the autumn

My non flowering ginger (hedychium) from 2009 Hampton Court Show

Rubeckia, new this year

Echinacea, new this year

Cosmos and gladioli

Can't remember, pink buds, yellow flowers

A dwarf mallow thing

Persicaria from the Plovers

Helenium, 4/5 foot yellow again from the Plovers

Gauria pink

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I was very nearly a Camellia Killer, if I hadn't sought help on line I would have been - hopefully someone will learn from my gardening trials and tribulations. Never, never use tap water to water your prized Camellia if you live in a hard water area - make the effort and walk round the back to the water butt.